Friday, September 16, 2011

Tweeted: An Open Letter to All Media Outlets

Tweeted: An Open Letter to Shepard Smith and Jessica Locker. (And All media outlets and those that would Divide and Conquer With Labels)

Ms Locker and Mr Smith:

I saw Shepard’s warning of riots about jobs on his show today.

This is not true. Please, we need patriots. Don't spin this to take away the power of the people.

This is what is happening: Nonviolent protests and movements all over the Nation are starting on September 17, against the corruption that has subverted our government. They have several names and can be followed on Twitter at any number of hashtags (#usdor #sept17 #occupywallstreet #usdayofragefl)

This has nothing to do with jobs, unions, liberals or conservatives although we cannot be responsible for what every single individual says in front of the cameras. For sure there will be different voices but the main message is this: Corruption has subverted a government of, by and for the people and we have to go after the source of the money.  We have one message regardless of politics. One citizen. One dollar. One vote.  There will be masses of people from all political parties that will put this movement above party loyalty.  We are UNITED, but there are people that will do everything they can to hijack and own the movement.  This is all over the Internet. Twitter is ablaze. Today you will see it yourself by following the hashtags. People will be filming constantly to counter the spin that will be unleashed.

And then there is this: Bloomberg is full of shit. If there is violence it will only because he unleashes the brutal force of the government upon the non-violent protesters. Please read about the protests here:   This is what Bloomberg is preparing for. To protect the powerful interests of Wall Street, the military industrial complex, etc. and the corrupt politicians that serve them, instead of protecting the First Amendment rights of the people to peaceful assembly and protest. Don't be fooled by the name. We are completely non-violent, but we are outraged at the corruption in Congress that is pillaging the American people. 

Bloomberg and the US government will prove tomorrow if they are no different than the murderous, oppressive government in Syria, Egypt, Libya and Iran. If there is any violence I PROMISE YOU it will come from the police, from the government and make no mistake these courageous people that will show up know it. They are putting themselves in harm’s way because dissent against the corruption has to be crushed. The people’s will has to be crushed! Please. Don’t help to give cover to the violence he is preparing to unleash on his own citizens.

We are watching for planted agitators.  In short, the attacks and the attempts to crush the people will be coming from all sides. There are corrupt, powerful people that do not want the people to be heard. If violence happens it will benefit them. WE KNOW THIS. So we lose. Make no mistake violence is not in our best interest and it will not come from us.

Please don’t spin this to divide and conquer the movement like the media has done with the bipartisan movement against the military industrial complex and a corrupt Congress that serves them. You have destroyed the Tea Party and liberal antiwar movement that were one and the same.  Corrupt media uses spins and uses politics to distract from the truth. To destroy our truth. The truth that social media will prevent you from spinning  anymore.

These non-violent protests that are being held all around the world in solidarity with protestors in the United States, is about corruption that has subverted a government of, by and for the people. Why don’t you report that and become the Fourth Estate instead of the propaganda machine that keeps a subverted government in power.  We need a courageous Fourth Estate. The very lives and liberty of the people are at stake. Or will you be like the controlled, government censored media in Syria, Libya, Egypt and Iran?
Watch Twitter this weekend and you will be able to report some truth.

We are no one and everyone. Expect us!

jeanette borges

#usdor #sept17 #occupywallstreet Bring flowers to protests to give to the police and lots of video cameras. Stop Bloomberg before he starts. Beware of agents provocateurs

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