Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Some Initiative and Motivation

For all those that are following @usdayofragefl and USDayofRage in general :

I want to say something and I admit I got the inspiration from here . In just 3 days on September 17, thousands of Americans will board a series of subway trains in New York City bound for lower Manhattan and others are mobilizing in other parts of the country and the freaking world in solidarity against corruption of the banksters on our governments. 

In this country, even as you think we are free to peacefully protest and bring our grievances to our government, these people will mobilize, right here in the United States, unsure of how many people support them, unsure of how many there are, they will be alone and afraid at a time that their government preys upon them and seeks to exploit their lack of organization and fear to prevent them from peacefully assembling. They will not know what the next few hours of the day will bestow upon them, whether they will have the remaining shreds of their freedom violently ripped from them.

Remember that these are non-violent protests and contrary to popular belief, free assembly and free speech is not protected by the police. The police protect the corrupt institutions of power that have subverted our government. The police will seek any excuse to haul these people to jail or worse. So these people that are mobilizing all around the world on that day, including those in these United States will fear for their safety and the well-being of their country, but despite this fear, each and every one of them will have made a choice to mobilize, to take the train, to take the chance and to dare to dream that together we can build a better world.
So I want to know, what are you going to do? What will you do even if you can’t be there?

Will you re-tweet this information and show them overwhelming support at their most vulnerable moment? Will you speak to at least one person a day and get them to follow USDayofRageFl and the other initiatives? Will you come up with your own initiatives and do whatever it is that you can do?

It is imperative that everyone engage in growing this movement here in Florida. You have to spread the word, get motivated and show some initiative. Make no mistake; you each can make a difference.  Ambivalence is not an option here. Nodding your heads in agreement doesn’t cut it.  “Liking” us on Facebook doesn’t get us any closer to showing our power as a people. Followers on Twitter are meaningless if you are not engaged
In Florida will you show some initiative of your own and pass out flyers or share what you know with other on the Internet or whatever else you can do that fits for you?  Or will you just nod in agreement? Please see what you can do now.

What will you do? Come on now. Bust a move. The same goes for others in other States.

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PS If you thought you could not get arrested for peaceful protest watch what happens for simply gathering on a sidewalk in New York.  Police State USA:  So I ask again what will you do to show your support for those that are doing what we can’t, won’t or don’t for whatever our reasons.

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