Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What You Can Do Now

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I myself can’t do what these people are doing such as go to New York and Washington.  No one has come forth with any ideas to protest here or there or anywhere, so I am not going to show up in Tallahassee for a one woman protest that has not been scheduled or planned for the shear lack of interest or it could be that I am not good at rallying people and someone else should do this. I don’t know. I know I can’t do this by myself though. That much I know. LOL
But here is what I am going to do and I think you can too.

1.       A flyering campaign in Florida in front of media outlets, financial institutions and politician’s offices.  This can be done in every city for those that cannot travel to Tallahassee. You can inform the rest of us what you plan and see if you can double up in your town, but really you can do this on your own. I will print and send the flyers and pay for them myself if need be. All you have to do is email me. If you can print them yourself I will send you the Word document in an attachment. On September 17 and any day really, I am flyering (see it here) in front of the Orlando Sun Sentinel and any other media outlet. Like I said this is something anyone can do in their own city. West Palm Beach, South Florida, Jacksonville, Daytona and every city in between has newspapers, TV and radio stations.( Why do I like doing this at the doors of media outlets? Because all they do is cover for the corruption in government with their endless Republican vs. Democrat vs Tea Party false distractions. We are telling them “It’s the corruption stupid” and you are not fooling us anymore. Eventually they will have to stop their corruption and report the truth about our government. Many people are asleep because of corrupt media. Imagine the difference it could make and the people we could bring out of their comas if the media was held accountable for their collusion with corruption in government? One sweat day.)   That’s just me. You can pass out flyers anywhere. You know what’s happening in your city. Go where there are lots of people and public spaces so no one can ask you to leave.
2.       Every day I make sure I reach out to at least one person during the day and speak of the corruption that has subverted our government and how no matter whom you vote for it does not matter unless we take the bribery out of politics. I tell them about USDayofRage, the only organization that I know that is not corrupt and bought by politicians or corporations.
3.       Every day I tweet and post without even knowing if anyone gives a damn. I do it anyways and people following @usdayofragefl should take a second to simply retweet those tweets to others.  All the tweets.  Those people that you are tweeting to will get the message sooner or later. The whole reason why I even do this is so you can pass it on.
4.       We have to grow this movement in Florida so those that are in Florida have to reach out to your communities, friends and anyone else, however you can. Do what fits for you!
5.       Even though I can’t be in these protests around the county especially in Washington and New York I am going to retweet like hell and post on Facebook and show that I am there in spirit. Please do the same. Everyone can do this and it feels good! I am going to root for each and everyone and pray that the full force of the police state is not unleashed on them.
6.   Send in your suggestions!

As a people we need each other. I am not powerful without others and you are not powerful without others.  We need each other.  Every person counts because one plus one is two and two plus two is four and it reaches millions exponentially. We are only as strong as our weakest link. Don’t be that link. Please.

PS If anyone wants knows how to and wants to plan and organize protests just say so and start. @USDayofRageFl will promote it. We will do everything to support you. The  USDayofRage is about empowering people.  Don’t we all want that…to be powerful again? To be heard?

Most sincerely

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