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Important Announcement-Misinformation

Important Announcement
I received the email below:
Why hello,
“i apologies, though i feel it would be great to get involved in action and change in these times of transition. I must say i will not be supporting the cause, USDay of rage. Everything about your efforts and cause sounded perfect until i dug into your supporting organizations. I wish you all the best and i will be keeping track of all that is occurring, but will not be participating in any action.i hope to hear that your peaceful protests come along swell and bring awareness of the insidious actions of many people with smiling faces from all side.
Life.Love. / Happiness. Health.
to you and yours and to whom you believe in more.
 with sincerity,
I want to address people’s valid concerns. What’s more, I appreciate knowing them and hope anyone following @USDayofRageFL knows that they can contact me with their concerns, at any time and in any manner. I also have a phone. I want to respond publicly to this email because there are others that have also raised concerns. I want to stop dead in its tracks any misinformation that puts in question what USDayofRageFL is and is not.  Although, I personally don’t speak for the National level, I can and will speak of it.
The USDayofRage, rightly so, takes the stance that  the minute we start  defending ourselves against the attacks being waged against us that by the way are chock full of misinformation as you will soon see, we are wasting time. So I am not defending anything, but I must speak directly to the concerns of the good people that are intimidated and vulnerable to these attacks that speak and communicate with me. I am the face of the USDayofRage in Florida and I value all with whom I have the immense pleasure to meet here. So let me begin:
sounded perfect until i dug into your supporting organizations” -I don’t know what organizations the author speaks of and he hasn’t answered my email asking him. It doesn’t matter because I want him and others to know we are not “supported” by any “organizations”…not a one. If anything, it is the USDayofRage that may or may not support organizations, coalitions, political parties, etc. We choose “not”. We support individual citizens. We seek to empower them.
There are things going on that can be subjective and prone to interpretation. But this much is not: Stated clearly, plainly and not up for subjective interpretation on the National website “Every US Day of Rage organizational committee on the state, city, and federal level should be entirely self-supporting, declining outside contributions from any political party, association, or candidate.  US Day of Rage is not a money making operation.  We are volunteers.  No treasury should be kept.  We do this lest problems of money, property, or prestige divert us from our primary aim, reforming our elections.   Our logo and content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License, unless otherwise noted.  Use it, just don't abuse it”.
We are an idea, not a political party. We place principles and our objectives before any party or personality.  Therefore, US Day of Rage will never endorse, finance, or lend our name to any candidate or party.  We support a citizen’s right to so affiliate, and we understand that individuals and groups participating in the US Day of Rage may be so affiliated.”
“Individual state, city, and federal demonstrations are autonomous, except in matters affecting the whole. We do not support, for example, violations to our principle of non-violence. US Day of Rage dot com, org, etc. is here to help facilitate state and city level organization, and to organize the federal protest at the US Capitol.”
The USDayofRage has one message: One citizen. One dollar. One vote. We stand for clean elections to stop a government that is run on bribes. That is the message. Period.  Notice “demonstrations are autonomous”. Look up “autonomous”. Again, notice:”We support a citizen’s right to so affiliate”.  
USDayofRage is not “supported” by anyone and is not “behind” anyone or any group.  Protests are are autonomous and as long as those protesting and organizing don’t compromise our principles and affect the whole, such as non violence we will spread their word. To be even clearer, USDayofRage is not supported by corporations, unions, the Tea Party, the liberal left or any political parties. We  don’t even collect money. There is no treasury!
Again, the USDayofRage is an idea that we the people, regardless of party  are sick and tired of corruption in our government. Whether it’s the Tea Party who has been shafted by Teocons who increased the budget over last year when they should be ending the trillions we are spending on eternal wars or liberals whose representatives continue to fund trillions for eternal wars (and I could give you a 100 more examples), we are all unhappy and realize that only through constant and sustained protest, UNITED, we will not overcome the subversion of a government of, by and for the people.
On a personal level this is exactly the kind of coalition of individuals, united,  to mobilize and take back our government from corruption that I was waiting for. This how I want to put it: the United States government has been subverted, (taken over from within) by corruption. It no longer serves the people because politicians legislate based on bribes.  To continue  this present form of government that serves a select few that buy laws with money, they will use every resource at their disposable especially the media who they control. To preserve an oligarchy you have to confuse and divide the populace. They are on the defensive and the demonizing has begun.
Your efforts to mobilize and protest will not be wasted if we all unite and don’t allow ourselves to be divided. The USDayofRage will never become the voice of this party or that party and be corrupted by the corrupters.  We put and so should you, our politics and preferences aside. We are loyal to one thing: our country and put country first, above all else,  to take back our government from corrupt whores who have sold us and this Nation to the highest bidders.
I will never let this movement be labeled left or right and favor one group of people or another.  Powerful people that control our government have armies of people that want you, the American people, to fail. You know and see many of them in the media and on the Internet. They assign labels and demonize anyone that dares to threaten their hold.  Here’s an example: The Tea Party movement that started under Bush,  now labeled “extreme right racist religious wing nuts”, (Glenn Beck’s, Sarah Palin’s, etc  great work) raged against the trillions spent on wars, Ron Paul continues to do so now. The anti-war movement and organizations like Code Pink, labeled as “leftist communists”  raged against the spending of trillion of dollars on wars. They are the same  movements, with the same goal, the same reasons to mobilize. Yet, both have been divided into separate groups each demonizing the other. Why, pray tell, why do the masses still fall victims to this tactic of Divide and Conquer? What of the Tea Party and the anti-war movement and organizations like Code Pink? They’re voices have been distorted and their message absent in the corrupt main stream media and on the Internet.
The results: we are still spending trillions on war and Congress and corrupt media are on a mission to sell to the American people that they have give up their Social Security and Medicare to do so. They are going to cut everything else, but not those wars. Oh no. Those are sacred, because Congress is so corrupt. They serve the military industrial complex who pays them big money for their wars for profits even if it means bringing home Americans from foreign lands in body bags while the American people are divided and conquered.
Like I said, I will not allow @USDayofRage to be labeled but it will be by the people that want to keep this corrupt government in place.
You are all raging, whether you are conservative or liberal or in between. This is the place where you can all become more powerful because all of you united are a force that cannot be overcome.  It’s the single thing that scares government: people united in masses on the streets. If they can’t pick us apart with their right and left bullshit, they won’t know how to deal with us.  United we will take back our government, because united, we are more powerful and we all win. Whatever you choose to do to make your voice heard I am going to support you and try with everything in me to convince everyone else that we have to support each other no matter what our personal beliefs are and how we choose to fight corruption.
I care a great deal about my relationships with all of you. All I have in life is my word. I think it’s all anyone has.  If you are as outraged and unhappy as I am at the fact the government is no longer ours, if you love your country and you know that you have to fight for it when it is taken from within because it operates on bribery, then you have found someone that stands with you and will never steer you in the wrong direction or allow this movement to be corrupted.  The day that happens I will be the first to leave it.
Most sincerely,
Jeanette D. Borges
@USDayofRageFL Check out this blog that speaks to corruption in the media
P.S. Please, please don’t allow labels to keep you from taking back your government from corruption. One dollar. One citizen. One vote!

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