Tuesday, August 2, 2011

US Day of Rage: A Serious, Life Altering Choice

Author: Jeanette Borges
On Twitter: @usdayofrageFL #usdorfl
I want to welcome you and thank you for your interest in becoming part of a US Day of Rage.
It is painfully clear that given current and past events in these United States of America and the drama in Washington, the American people are faced with a choice that they can no longer kick down the road or ignore: whether to remain divided, clinging still, to the belief that politicians in the other political party are going to govern ethically and responsibly for the well being of the people or do we choose to accept that politicians regardless of party, with very few exceptions, are stunningly, blatantly corrupt?   Anyone with half a brain knows the answer.
There is a point when you have to succumb and admit to yourself that it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter who you vote for because when they get elected they serve lobbyists. They serve the highest bidders. You shrug your shoulders in acceptance. You accept that it's called campaign finance and that is how elections work. Congress made it all legal.
But is it really?  What does it mean that elected leaders serve the highest bidders, a ruling class with money? Look it up in a dictionary. We are so used to it that we forgotten what it means. It's bribery. Its corruption and it means that the United States is not a democracy. It is repugnant to a constitution that guarantees a government of, for and by the people. When a country is ruled by bribery, it is not a government of, by and for the people. In essence your government is not yours anymore.
By simply blaming the other party we release ourselves from our duty to fight the noble and necessary fight that only we the people can fight to take back our government from a select few, oligarchs that have bought our government. I don't want to fight on this side or that. In the alternate, if it is the fight of our lives as a people united and committed to preserve our freedoms, our way of life and our self determination to take back our government from corrupt politicians that no longer serve we the people, then that is the choice before me, before us all.
It is a grave choice. Not because I am worried about me, but because I worry with good reason that my power as a free citizen to demand from my government becomes nothing if I am alone. The power I have, that power that each of us has, lies in numbers. Without you I am not strong and without me, neither are you. We depend on each other and that's why unity is so important.
The United States, not by paranoid conspiracy theory, but by definition, is not a democracy. It is the Land of Kings, the Land of the Highest bidders. There are those that say they love their country and would fight for it. They accept fighting or paying for eternal wars on foreign lands because “they are fighting for freedom and our country”. What kind of love for country is it that some can’t, some won’t, some choose to look to the other party, instead of fighting for your country, IN your country? What kind of love is it that a person needs convincing?
I choose not to be that person. I don’t need to be convinced. If someone takes your country you take it back. So I choose. I choose my country above party, above Fox, MSNBC and all the other propaganda, oligarch media and above the utter distraction of clinging to the other party.
If this movement is bipartisan against corruption and a treasonous Congress and State legislatures that serve oligarchs then I choose and I am hoping you choose too, A UNITED STATES DAY OF RAGE.
AND I am hoping to grow this call to action fast and furious here in Florida.
Can’t do that without you!

You can follow on Twitter here: @usdayofrageFL  #usdorfl
So here what’s happening in Florida right now:

  1. Not from Florida? Find your State! The US Day of Rage webpage from which we all take our inspiration is here: . Twitter handle is: @USDayofRage  and become part of the conversation at hash tag #USDOR . US Day of Rage is of course on Facebook too
  2. US Day of Rage is supporting  “Occupy Wall Street” on September 17. Their website is here: Email: | telephone: +1 (516) 708-4777
  3. The US Day of Rage FLORIDA can be found on Facebook here:
You can follow on Twitter here:
            Reach me via email here:
 usdorfl AT

Here’s what I’m needing right now:
  1. I am going to need someone to help me with the Facebook page. Simply put, I’m not all that familiar with it. Don’t laugh!  I really don't understand who I am talking to on that thing. So if there are any serious takers let me know.
  2. For all of you in Florida please email me with your thoughts, location and of course, suggestions.usdorfl AT
  3. I am working to set up fliers. So if someone out there is creative and wants to design promotional material please do so. I suggest though that they look just as good in black and white because those copiers are more readily available to people. We can if we choose to incorporate what we have on or simply make our own.
  4. I am not all that when it comes to Facebook and Twitter but I'm working on it. LOL So please email me to let me know about yourself and that you are on board. I will give my phone number to anyone that wants to talk about this like in the olden days.... LOL
So let's get busy and if you are in Florida please email me with your thoughts, location and of course, suggestions.usdorfl AT Oh, I am in Casselberry which is in the Orlando area. I work for doctors during the day and during the night? I rage. Come rage with us in Florida! 

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