Sunday, August 7, 2011

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United States Day of Rage Organizing in Florida

One citizen. One dollar. One vote.

The US Day of Rage, a movement launched on March 10 of this year is taking off   with the anger and frustration of all Americans, everywhere, disgusted over the way our government is not working for the good of the American people and instead is mired in corruption, serving special interests at their expense. The movement is one of  ordinary citizens united, regardles of political party, that is non-violent and puts principles before parties (they are not affiliated with any political organization,takes no corporate money) and is volunteer only. They encourage individual state, city, and federal demonstrations to be autonomous, except in matters affecting the whole.  
States have begun organizing and are in different stages.  Currently, Kansas, Tennessee, Idaho (September 16 Day of Rage), Indiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Seattle, Portland and Oregon are officially planning protests. People all over the United States are joining the rest of the world in protest against government corruption that is responsible for the debt and deficits, joblessness and wealth inequality. For instance, autonomously, on September 17 the #occupywallstreet protest is scheduled to create an encampment protest at what is seen by many to be the epicentre of the problem. The official Twitter account is announcing all of the upcoming events (#Sept17 #OccupyWallStreet) and some sites are encouraging occupation of financial districts around the world on the same day.
            Florida is beginning to organize too. 
Jeanette Borges who is currently organizing and recruiting in Florida puts it this way: “It is painfully clear that given current and past events in these United States of America and the drama in Washington, the American people are faced with a choice that they can no longer kick down the road or ignore: politicians regardless of party, with very few exceptions, are stunningly, blatantly corrupt. When a country is ruled by bribery, it is not a government of, by and for the people. In essence your government is not yours anymore. The United States, not by paranoid conspiracy theory, but by definition, is not a democracy. It is the Land of Kings, the Land of the Highest bidders. Without a shot fired, no foreign invasion and no terrorist, the United States has been taken from within by the military industrial complex, oil and gas companies, Wall Street, health insurance companies, pharma and well you get the idea.  
             Corporate media is just as corrupt. Instead of a working Fourth Estate, it colludes with a government that serves the highest bidders. Sadly, we the people are on our own. Without non-violent revolution these oligarchs will continue to bring down this country with the economy and trillions spent on eternal wars. There are those that say they love their country and would fight for it. It’s time to fight for your country, in your country. That is the choice and Floridians will rise to that call. All over the world, people are rising up against corrupt governments and the oligarchs they serve that have boots to their necks with corrupt laws. If this movement is bipartisan, uniting all people, regardless of politics, against corruption in a treasonous Congress and State legislatures that are run on bribery to serve special interests and oligarchs then we choose and we hope you choose too, A UNITED STATES DAY OF RAGE IN
FLORIDA.  Surely we can unite against the cancer that affects us all: corruption! Let’s grow this movement in Florida fast and furious. Can’t do that without you!”   
Spread the News. A US Day of Rage is Coming The rallying place for the US Day of Rage in Florida is on Twitter: @USDayofRageFL
Once you follow us on Twitter please introduce yourself. Tell us where you are from in Florida,  what you RAGE about and what you can do in your city.  Email @USDayofRageFL:      Learn More  
National Website:

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